Lincoln Elementary

Tips on using ChromeBooks

Getting Started

Exploring Chromebooks : Helpful Hints to Get Startedchromebook.jpg

  • Open Chromebook
  • Do NOT sign in unless you want to explore the internet or access Google docs
  • Go to bottom left corner of screen and click on Apps
  • Click on AirSecure Test (this gets you to the secure browser)
  • IMPORTANT: This is the SAME process for accessing the browser that your students will use.
  • Follow instructions that guide you to the Practice and Training Test Site
  • If you sign in and access the net, you need to make sure that you sign out at the end of the session

To check battery life, go to the bottom right corner of the screen and click on “US”; the time remaining on the charge will show as the last detail on the list.  When full a green light shows on the front edge of the Chromebook.

Using the touch pad to navigate the screen. Swipe two fingers on the bottom right corner to get the right mouse button click options to cut|copy|paste text.